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Vern Fonk prides itself in specializing in car insurancecommercial car, and commercial liability insurance in Lynnwood Washington. It doesn't matter to us if you have a "high-risk" driving record, or if you have a perfect driving record, because we know we will get the best car insurance policy for everyone! Even if you have a DUI/DWI on your record or require an SR-22, we will help find you good coverage at a great affordable rate. Vern Fonk Lynnwood is your go-to SR22 insurance experts! 

Almost every insurance company looks at drivers who have multiple tickets or accidents as "high risk" drivers. Vern Fonk wants to help these "high risk" people out, and likes to specialize in this market. We can get everyone great coverage at the lowest price, period! Vern Fonk provides great coverage even with a dui, reckless driving record, driving while suspended, no insurance, bankruptcy, international drivers license, and accidents on record. 

Even if you do not own a vehicle, Vern Fonk can issue a policy!

Vern Fonk has many offices in the Lynnwood area to serve you. Vern Fonk Auto Insurance in Lynnwood Washington is a 2nd-generation insurance business, owned by family, that specializes in car insurance for high risk drivers with tickets and(or) accidents. We can issue a SR-22 for suspended licenses, and issue a broad form coverage for those people who do not currently own a vehicle. If you are driver with a clean record looking for cheap coverage, or a high risk driver required to carry an SR-22, Vern Fonk will meet all of your car insurance needs. If you have multiple speeding tickets, many accidents or need a SR-22, Vern Fonk is your answer. We are dedicated to help find an insurance policy that molds to your personality and monthly budget. We many times offer small down-payment options, and give flexibility for selecting a payment schedule. Call Vern Fonk Lynnwood for an insurance quote and see how we beat the rates and service of other local and national insurance providers.

Vern Fonk's Car Insurance Money Saving Tips

If you think you're currently getting a good rate on car insurance, remember that there are alway other ways you can save more on your premiums. Check out our money saving tips to see if you could reduce your car insurance costs in Lynnwood Washington.

1. Always read over the documents to your existing policy to be sure your vehcile's information is listed correctly. Vehicle data inaccuracies can change your  car insurance rates. The most common policy errors are: list the wrong model, incorrect vehicle mileage, or even listing a sedan as a coupe or hatchback. These mistakes can certainly impact your insurance premiums.

2. If you move homes, do not forget the difference the move could make in your car insurance premiums. Almost everyone knows car insurance rates can vary from state to state. What most people do not know is that insurance rates can change from one ZIP code to another. The premiums of each area are determined on the collision and theft rates of that zip code or neighborhood. If you have the luxury of chosing where you live, or are thinking about moving in the future, call Vern Fonk to see which areas can benefit your premium rate and save you some money.

3. Always ask about insurance discounts. Vern Fonk (along with many other insurance companies) offers discounts that can save their drivers 10%-20%. Who knows, you may qualify for the multiple-policy discount, safe-driver discount, or senior discounts (just to name a few).

4. If you drive less than the average person, you should look into cashing in on a low-mileage discount. Most insurers offer these "low mileage discounts", so check to see if you qualify. Most of the time you will need to drive on average under a predetermined amount of miles per yer (usually 12,000 miles annually) to qualify.

Call Vern Fonk Lynnwood to see if you can qualify for these generous savings!

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